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Thoughts on purchasing banknotes from online forex websites..

Has anyone purchased foreign currency through online Forex websites like ezforex dot com? Not sure if the bills will be in good condition. Is there any other place to buy banknotes without paying a hefty premium?
I am tempted to purchase, but since I don't live in US and was planning to ask a friend who is there to help me. Want to do it only if it's worth it and hence the question.
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➡️1.4% – 90 days, 0.9% – 180 days, 0.7% – 365 days
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[Question] In every Forex websites and YouTube videos all i see are plain candle charts. Why don’t people use ‘Ichimoku Clouds’, which provides more data points?

[Question] In every Forex websites and YouTube videos all i see are plain candle charts. Why don’t people use ‘Ichimoku Clouds’, which provides more data points? submitted by BronxLens to Forex [link] [comments]

Make Money Online With Turnkey Forex Websites

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Make Money Online With Turnkey Forex Websites

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Forex website design solution in UK

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Best forex website Theme & Plugins for WordPress Sites Dealing With Stocks & Forex

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There was a free squawk box (talking forex) website with tons of additional useful tools, I can't remember the name. Any one here remembers it?

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Favourite Forex websites/forums (Technical)?

List your favorite technical forex websites and forums.
I am mainly interested in strategies, indicators and expert advisors..etc
Here are a couple of good ones I know:
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Student working on a project for Forex website. I would really appreciate your help!

I'm a graduate student working on a project for a Forex start-up website that is looking for input on how to make its website as good as possible. I would really appreciate your help in tailoring the site to best benefit retail traders. Please comment or contact me if you would be willing to help. Thank you in advance!
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Reddit getting some love on Forex websites

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Forex website targeted – did cybercrooks find the weakest link in online money management services?

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which forex website should i follow to get best educational info

iam really wanting to get more insight on forex...right now iam using demo account and doing comparatively well, but it is necessary to get more understanding on the different trading platforms,different indicators, can anybody please let me know how to go now, i have collected my college funds..willing to start real trading.
I know of etoro and zulu which are good platforms for trding and so far the best forex education i can find in website, but iam a bit hessitant..please suggest me help guys...
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new forex website , would like some constructive criticism. (website 5 days old...)
this is a brand new website still under construction , would appreciate any constructive criticism about the site , thank you all for your in put in advanced , please don't just answer its crap... that's not constructive...
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Great Forex website!

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Forex Scam website

I have been scammed by this fake forex website. How do I take down their website so nobody fall for it anymore.
scam website
The moderators should check this out, because there might be many more falling for this.
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BitForex Announces IEO And Listing of TimeCoinProtocol (TMCN)

BitForex Announces IEO And Listing of TimeCoinProtocol (TMCN)
TimeCoinProtocol (TMCN) will become the 8th project listed on
BitForex Turbo – a service for premium blockchain projects on BitForex!
As we have said before, IEO will commence on the 11th of November 2020, and in the near future BitForex website will be updated with more details the upcoming IEO, and in the meantime here’s a quick rundown on the sale:
-Project Name: TimeCoinProtocol
-Token Symbol: TMCN
-Tokens for sale: 160,000 TMCN
As you can see, the amount of tokens for sale is limited, so if you want to become a TMCN holder through buying some on the BitForex exchange, stay tuned to our news and don’t miss this unique opportunity!

You can read the official announcement at the link on BitForex website:
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Google to Ban Binary Options Ads

Google is ready to ban binary option and cryptocurrency ads

Well, it’s about time, Google is next in line to pose a stiff challenge to the largely fraudulent online trading industry. The world’s largest search engine has just announced that it plans to ban all cryptocurrencies and binary options advertisements, and it is cracking down on ads for various other speculative financial products.

Say goodbye to binary options & cryptocurrency ads

The new rules, which are scheduled to take effect in June, will flat out ban adverts for binary options, cryptocurrencies and all related content (including initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity over the last year thanks to a boom in the price of bitcoin towards the end of fiscal 2017. This coincided with a surge in initial coin offerings (ICOs), where numerous startups have issued their own cryptocurrency in exchange for money to construct their businesses.

Taking Facebook’s lead

Google’s hard-line approach follows a similar ban that Facebook enacted earlier in the year in banning cryptocurrency related advertising on its platform. Scott Spencer, Google’s Director of Sustainable Ads said in a recent blog post that the clampdown is part of Google’s efforts to shield consumers from online trading scams.
However, much of the online trading world is unregulated, which in turn has attracted scammers looking to make quick money. Last year myriads of “pump and dump” filled the market, while this year bogus ICO projects have become routine.

Forex & CFD Crackdown

Google is additionally coming down on ads for contracts for difference (CFD), spread betting, and foreign exchange (forex) instruments on its platform.
These products carry a high level of risk and the entire industry is under increasing regulatory scrutiny across Europe over the past year thanks to severe investment fraud sweeping through the continent. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning in November that cryptocurrency CFDs are incredibly high-risk, speculative products that risk the investor suffering significant losses. Research conducted by the FCA showed 82% of people who use the products lose money, implying CFDs are more similar to gambling than investing.

Affiliate marketing for online trading takes a hit

Google additionally announced it is banning ads from affiliates and aggregators who traffic leads to online trading brokers. These websites earn a commission for referring new clients to these products that are lightly regulated.
The search giant will require CFD, spread bet, and forex websites to register with it if they want to advertise on its platform and all brokers must be licensed in the country they are looking to advertise in.

Pressure getting to Google

Google’s financial marketing crackdown arises among continued pressure on the search giant, which additionally owns YouTube, regarding the way it runs its advertising procedure. Google has been heavily criticized by the media and politicians for permitting everything from radicalization to binary options trading on its advertising platform due to careless controlling of content and advertising.
Spencer did state in his blog post that Google removed 3.2 billion “bad” ads last year and announced, “Improving the ads experience across the web, whether that’s removing harmful ads or intrusive ads, will continue to be a top priority for us.” We shall see. However, there is a pretty good chance that these fraudulent brokers will just simply change the name of their product in order to get around Google’s ban and deceive an unsuspecting user.

What you can do

If you are the victim of an HBC Broker scam be sure to send your complaint to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), and we will do our very best to get into contact with you as soon as we can to initiate your funds recovery process.

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Learn How To Trade Forex - Can A Beginner Make Money In Forex Trading?

Contrary to what every Forex 'expert' out there would have you believe, it's not easy to learn how to trade Forex at all. Trading Forex is one of the most challenging skills you can ever set out to learn, which is especially daunting if you're a beginner just starting out to learn how to trade Forex. If you're finding it hard to learn how to trade Forex successfully right now, you're probably wondering: "Can a beginner make money in Forex trading?" By the end of this article, you'll know what you can do to make money in Forex trading right now.
Can A Beginner Make Money In Forex Trading?
If you have a look around the many Forex websites, forums, seminars and magazines, it seems like everyone's making millions of dollars trading Forex! The thing is, Forex traders love to talk about their winning trades and make themselves out to be wildly profitable traders, but the reality is that only 5% of Forex traders are consistently making money. Yes, even a beginner can make money in Forex trading, but there's a big difference between making money in Forex and making a full time income, achieving financial freedom, and building wealth through Forex.
What Stops Beginners From Making An Income
So what's stopping beginners from making a consistent, long term income from trading Forex? Well, unlike the professional Forex traders working for the big banks and hedge funds, most beginner traders learning to trade Forex aren't paid a full time salary to immerse themselves in the markets. If you're just starting out in Forex, then you've probably got a full time job that you spend at least 8 hours a day on, and a family and social life outside of that. That means that you have a very real shortage of time to get yourself to the level where you can trade like a pro, and believe me, it takes a lot of time and consistent effort.
It takes years of study, practice and real experience in the markets to learn how to trade Forex successfully, and get to the level where you can consistently make money in Forex trading. Not to mention that you'll be taking on, for all intents and purposes, an unpaid part time job that will chain you to your computer while you are trading. It's something that will alienate you from your social circle, and put considerable strain on your family relationships as well. It's no wonder that most traders wanting to learn how to trade Forex will give up within 3 months, and never make money in Forex trading.
What You Can Do To Make Money In Forex Trading Now
So what can you do to make money in Forex trading right now? The best shortcut I know is to buy a proven Forex trading system to do your trading for you. I'm not going to look you in the eye and tell you that you can just go out there and pick any system and make millions, because that's simply not true. Profitable trading systems are rare, and you need to choose very carefully. That said, if you can find a trading system that works, you can overcome the biggest challenges any trader faces while they learn how to trade Forex. You'll be able to gain valuable Forex market experience, preserve your personal relationships and most importantly make money in Forex trading while you learn how to trade Forex.
When you've built up the capital and income of your Forex systems operation, and have gathered up valuable trading experience, you may decide to try out trading Forex for yourself. Regardless of whether you trade with an automatic Forex system in the short, medium or long term, it's a powerful solution that will enable you to make money in Forex trading even if you're a beginner.
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How can I pass this dict into a pandas dataframe?

Hello all,
I'm sure this is something incredibly simple which I'm just unable to see. is a forex website with a great, free API on historical forex data. I'm using it to learn working with an API.
I have the following (you can just copy-paste and run this, no API key required)...
import requests import pandas as pd import json start = "?start_at=2018-01-01" end = "&end_at=2018-01-10" url = "" req = requests.get(url+start+end).json() df = pd.DataFrame(data=req) df.head(3) 
This returns four columns;
and this returns as expected, however the rate column is literally returned as a dict instead of a column.
How can I fix this to behave as you would expect, so the rate column is split into two: currency, rate.
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Top 5 Website To Read Forex News | Best Forex News Website | Best Forex ...

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submitted by Barbara_Merchan to u/Barbara_Merchan [link] [comments] Web Trading Overview - YouTube Build A Forex Website Forex Websites  The 12 Best Websites For Forex Trading Top Forex Targets - YouTube

List of Top Forex Trading Sites. With some of the better forex sites, we have listed here with different collection of sites that is usually at the top of all searches as the top 10 forex blogs list and we hope our readers will benefit a lot. Forex scams draw customers in with sophisticated advertisements placed in the newspaper, heard on the radio, or seen on internet websites. Recommended Read: Sell Annuity Payments Scam Forex promoters often lure investors into scams with various assurances, including their ability to predict an increase in currency prices and claims of high ... Forex Websites For Sale. If you are thinking of starting a trading website and don’t want to start from scratch, you can check out websites like Flippa. There are many FX websites for sale on Flippa but let’s be honest, most of them are low quality and not worth the money they are selling for. You may catch a diamond in the rough though Last updated on June 3rd, 2020. The Best Forex Websites. It’s our goal at NetPicks to provide you readers with the best information on day trading and forex you can get.. NetPicks is the leader in day trading education systems and strategies, and an outstanding resource for quality articles, webinars, videos, and more.. But we want to make sure that you know where you can find even more news ... Forex Websites To Be The Best Trader. There you have it, many of these sites are one of the top 200 forex blogs listed on feedspot. With this detailed list of the top Forex websites you have access to many high level Fx related sites to help you become an even better trader or get started trading Forex.

[index] [5] [4698] [2070] [3073] [5021] [1767] [5092] [1605] [3571] [4019] Web Trading Overview - YouTube

🚨🚨Trading Performance 🚨🚨 Improve Your Trading Performance at our Fundamental Trading Academy (Our Academy is 1v1 ... Top Forex Targets provides traders with high probability Buy & Sell areas each week as well as profit targets. Home of the popular Weekly Forex Forecast. Get a walkthrough of the web trading platform powered by TradingView How to build a Forex Website At Forex Websites The 12 Best Websites For Forex Trading These websites are following: 1. Forex Website: Bloomberg 2. Forex Website: Babypips 3. Forex Website: Forexlive 4. Forex Website ...